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Shorter Peter Roebuck: Real MENZ don’t support their wimminz!!!! (with a side helping of the wimminz role is to support the MENZ).

Some tasters from the article: (more…)

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I was going to write a post on the recent announcement that we will see women’s boxing in the 2012 Olympics (albeit in a limited number of weight divisions), but Jacqueline Magnay has said pretty much everything I would have said.

Possibly interesting factoid: at all three gyms I’ve trained at, there were significantly more female students than male students.

And none of those offered “boxercise” or equivalent. They were all serious martial arts gyms which offered boxing and/or boxing-related martial arts, and which trained amateur fighters. (One also offered karate, classes for which were particularly female-dominated, but there were still more women than men in the boxing and boxing-related classes.)

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Ohhh, the hatred of young women. It burns, it BURNS!

The “Heckler” column in the Sydney Morning Herald is a reader-written column, where readers are encouraged to write about things that annoy them.

A few years ago, there was a 750 word limit (maybe it started at 700), and then it went through a period where it seemed to have lost another 50 words every time I looked. It’s now at 450.

This means that there’s not really enough room for someone to say anything other than: “This thing that other people do really pisses me off”, but then, I guess that’s the point of the column.

Sometimes, they can be really funny. Sometimes they just fall flat.

At other times, they expose the writer’s biases beautifully. Like today.


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This post covers couple of thoughts about a yoga class I just attended. The two thoughts are really only related because they relate to the same person, so please bear with me.

I love yoga, but I’m not really into the WHOLE philosophy (I turn off when I hear “chakra”). I love it because of the way you use your whole body, its strength and flexibility – same reason I love kickboxing, dancing and swimming. I also love the idea that you do what you can do as well as you can. Doesn’t matter if it’s not “perfect”.

I’m at a new gym, and I’m still finding out which yoga instructors I enjoy. Today’s instructor had an attitude to the actual yoga that I could appreciate. However, there are two reasons I think I’ll be avoiding him.

First: inappropriate touching. (more…)

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I caught the end of an Australian WNBL game last night. I really only know the basics when it comes to basketball, but it looked like a pretty exciting game to me. One game, televised on ABC2, on a Friday night.

Thinking about the fact that it is the WNBL reminded me of the “default human = male” phenomenon, which made me feel a little sad. (more…)

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