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Last year, at a wedding I attended, one of the conversations I participated in involved a straight woman asking a gay woman how much money it would take for her to sleep with a man.

Now, I’m not saying nobody should ever have such a conversation – as woman B said to me after woman A had left for a bit, she has had that conversation with her good friends, possibly more than once. But to ask that question completely out of the blue pretty much immediately finding out that a person does not want to make sexy times with any person of a particular gender? Really?

The conversation was not made any better by woman A’s exposition on prostitution (her word) sex work, and linking it to desperation and solely that, which came about when I pointed out that the question wasn’t really a test of sexuality, per se, as some people are quite happy to have sex with people they might not be particularly sexually attracted to, sometimes for money, and for others – assuming they are generally happy with their present material wealth, which woman B is, and that’s who she was asking – no sum would be sufficient. Funnily enough, different people feel differently about this, and it’s not necessarily about their sexuality (if sexuality is defined as what gender of persons one is attracted to).


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Actual headline in the SMH: “Security breached as former prostitute pilfers Einfeld police transcript”.

Actual story: a woman who “worked as a typist at APT Transcriptions, a company with lucrative contracts with the police and justice departments and the Independent Commission Against Corruption” found and accessed transcripts of police interviews which had been typed by the company before she was hired by them.

Actual relevance of the woman’s history as a sex worker: nil.

And I thought broadsheets didn’t go in for sensationalism? /sarcasm

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The post title refers to that little-known sect which is organising World Youth Day: Sydney’s sex workers are finding that Catholics are good for business.

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I don’t know anywhere near as much about sex work and the issues surrounding it as women like Ren and the rest of the group at Bound, Not Gagged, where I’ve been lurking for a bit. And I don’t remember where I saw a big article on Nevada brothels that made me hugely skeptical about legalisation Nevada-style, but I support legalisation in general: the criminalisation that is currently in place in many, many countries is definitely not the way to go about sex work. In any case, it’s not a monolith, and nobody has all the answers.

But it’s my disagreement with legalisation Nevada-style that’s really sparked this post.


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