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I’ve been thinking about parenting in various ways lately, kicked off by various posts. I’ve even written a couple of posts. These have mostly been to do with the roles of mothers and fathers, the societal pressures to stick to reasonably traditional roles (ie mother as primary childcarer and homemaker, father as breadwinner).

I want to partly continue with that theme, but mix in something a bit different.



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The headline: “How to land a man for life”

The premise: There are more divorced women in towns than in rural areas, therefore a woman is less likely to get divorced if lives in the country, therefore any woman who wants to get married should head bush.

The numbers: In towns with populations of 100 000 or greater, 12.5% of women are divorced or separated, compared to 9.6% of men. The numbers are almost exactly reversed in rural areas with less than 200 people. In the areas in between, the numbers are approximately equal (around the 12.5% mark).

The problems:


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