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This post is probably not what you think it is! (And probably much more trivial than you are expecting.)

I dropped into NSW Parliament today (as you do). They have just built a new guardhouse, which means that instead of walking straight through the gates on Macquarie St and then going through security just inside the building entrance, you use a single entrance at one end of the building and go through security there, then wander into the front courtyard and from there into the building.

I’m a little sad that the main Macquarie St gates are no longer in use – it does make it more difficult to tell that you are actually welcome to go into the building – but for purely aesthetic reasons, I’m really happy that the building entrances themselves are now clear of security gear. (A single street entrance through a guardhouse probably increases security, too.)

But that’s not the point of this post.

To get back to Macquarie St, you use the gates at the opposite end to the new guardhouse. As I came out of the building and towards what appeared to be two sets of locked gates, I saw a grinning security guard. Several metres from the gates, I might add.

I had a guess as to how it worked, but not being the sort of person who wants to walk into a pair of locked cast iron gates, I was looking around cautiously to make sure there was nothing I was missing.

“Keep walking,” called the security guard, grinning even wider.

I got to about 1 m of the first gates and they didn’t yet open. “Keep walking,” the guard said again.

And the gates opened. As did the second set a moment later.

I turned back to see the security guard watching, still grinning hugely, clearly very chuffed with his shiny new toys.

It made me smile.

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