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This post is a bit of a demonstration of itself – it’s been sitting as a fairly complete draft for ages, and before that, in less complete forms as I worked on it in bits and pieces. Not so much because the idea wasn’t a priority, as because I wasn’t happy with how I was expressing it. I’m still not, but I want to get it out there.

Some time ago, I had a discussion with another blogger about priorities.* A short time later, Lauredhel wrote a post at Hoyden About Town** that touched on the issue, which made me think a little more about getting around to writing my own post. I started this draft some months later, but still some months ago – as I said, I have not been happy with how I’m expressing my ideas. Chally’s recent post about staying silent about as a way of taking care of oneself reminded me again of this draft post, and also gave me a slightly different angle to address it from.

Through it all, ironically enough, I’ve been hit by some other priorities and have been in and out of the blogosphere.

To some extent, this post deals with what I have heard a number of people with disabilities say to me, including people who don’t necessarily identify as “having a disability”, but they have a condition, disease or disability which affects their capacity/energy/number-and-availability-of-spoons sometimes.

The conversation often takes this shape:


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