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This is why I will never, ever vote for the NSW Liberal party while they have any kind of deal (including second preference group voting in the Legislative Council ballot) with Fred Nile and/or the so-called Christian Democratic Party.

In summary, Nile has proposed private member’s bills with various anti-abortion effects, banning full-face coverings, banning X-rated movies and lifting the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. Talk about wowserism and an ideological push.

He’s also proposing an advertising ban on alcohol and gambling – now that, I admit, I could get behind, if the bill is a sensible one. But as the whole agenda appears to be based on ideology, I’m not sure it would be.

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I always vote below the line in the Senate, and I have now done my research so I can vote in an informed manner.

If you want to do the same, you can find the information you’ll need at the AEC election website, which lists candidates as well as the registered preference tickets for the Senate. The tickets can be helpful for candidates about whom there is very little info, because you can get an idea of who they’re willing to jump into bed with.


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