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Carolyn Hardy, chief executive of UNICEF Australia, in the SMH today:

Some half a million women die in childbirth each year around the world. The deaths are almost entirely contained to poor nations. It is estimated up to 80 per cent of these death are preventable.

Why are we failing? Why are maternal death rates remaining stubbornly high?

A key reason for this is patriarchal. It is the ”dark little secret” of poverty today. We too often ignore the discrimination that goes on in communities directed against girls. It is the equivalent of the glass ceiling in industrialised countries, but in developing countries it is deadly.

Today the face of poverty is a woman or a girl.

They are the least likely to be in school, the most likely to miss out on food or medicine. It’s been tagged the ”Cinderella principle” – the girl in the family only gets to go to school or to get medical treatment after everyone else has been looked after.

I would strongly recommend reading the whole thing.


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From the headline of Paul Sheehan’s latest column – “I married an Ascham bully” – I just knew, just knew there was going to be something in there minimising the harm done by bullying.

Yes, well. Just like there’s a reason I don’t usually read Andrew Bolt, there’s a reason I don’t usually read Paul Sheehan.

First of all, for those non-Sydney-siders amongst you: Ascham is an elite private girls’ school. It’s located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, has a reputation for being academic (ie students perform well in tests), and is generally considered to be one of the most (if not the most) exclusive girls’ schools in Sydney.

Sheehan’s column is about the recent expulsion of two year nine girls (so they’d be approximately 14-15 years old) because of a course of bullying carried out through MySpace. Sheehan quotes the school’s principal (who he calls the “headmistress”), Louise Robert-Smith, as calling the behaviour for which the girls have been expelled a “serious incident of cyber-bullying”.

Sheehan also says that a mother of a girl who left the school years ago because of bullying-by-text-message has come forward about that, apparently as a direct result of the news of the recent expulsion.

So far, so “good on Ascham for taking action”. Right? Right?

Or maybe not, according to Paul Sheehan.


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Ohhh, the hatred of young women. It burns, it BURNS!

The “Heckler” column in the Sydney Morning Herald is a reader-written column, where readers are encouraged to write about things that annoy them.

A few years ago, there was a 750 word limit (maybe it started at 700), and then it went through a period where it seemed to have lost another 50 words every time I looked. It’s now at 450.

This means that there’s not really enough room for someone to say anything other than: “This thing that other people do really pisses me off”, but then, I guess that’s the point of the column.

Sometimes, they can be really funny. Sometimes they just fall flat.

At other times, they expose the writer’s biases beautifully. Like today.


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Man advertises wife.

Misogynistic, stereoptyical statements? Check! Here’s what the ad said:

Nagging Wife. No Tax, No MOT. Very high maintenance – some rust.

Treating wife like a possession? Check! He advertised her “along with some of his fishing tackle”.

[For a bonus point: people actually responded! Cannot believe. Cannot fucking believe. Head exploding now.]


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