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I’m feeling a little bit proud of myself. In the past 24 hours, I’ve made two complaints to supervisors about the marginally (ie socially) acceptable behaviour of young men, and been taken seriously. (Incidentally, both of the supervisors I spoke to were named Rachel. So: kudos to Rachels!)

There are descriptions of the complaints I made at the bottom of this post, but for me, the meat of it is about whingeing as a feminist act.

Whingeing, complaining, bitching (and their close relation, nagging) are all modes of communication that women are said to engage in more than men. Whenever we point out that something is wrong, we are accused of whingeing. Whenever we ask someone to do something, we are nagging. My apologies for the lack of links – I can’t think of any concrete examples. But my guess is that it’s happened to all of us. And it’s such a truism, it’s the subject of many jokes & cartoons (again, no concrete examples spring to mind).

[One exception: the trope that “men whinge when they’re sick”. But although that’s often the subject of jokes, it’s generally considered ok. Because they’re such reasonable manly macho men the rest of the time!]

[Yes, that was sarcasm. In case you were wondering.]


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It’s something we hear again and again, that girls are being sexualised younger and younger, that we need to protect them from raunch culture, and so on.

I’ve always felt this black-and-white attitude is somewhat patronising – I’ve argued in comments over at Hoyden About Town that I remember being very young and curious about sex, and I think that different people will want to have sex starting at different ages, and that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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So I’m procrastinating from my work and finding newspaper articles that get me going …

The Guardian has this article about deaths caused by cosmetic surgery.

In general, ok: the message is, essentially, surgery is surgery is surgery, and it’s not a great idea to have it unless you need it.

However. Some bits are less-than-impressive.


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