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I can’t comprehend how things like this are still happening.

(That last link is a link round-up – another is here.)

The story I’m talking about is this (and apologies for taking a week or so to blog about it): Mr Ward (his family have asked that his first name not be used), an indigenous man, was arrested after being charged with drink-driving.

He was locked into a metal, un-air-conditioned lock-up van (operated by a private contractor, GSL) on a hot summer’s day for a journey of several hundred kilometres.

He died. With third degree burns from the metal of the lock-up.


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Ohhh, the hatred of young women. It burns, it BURNS!

The “Heckler” column in the Sydney Morning Herald is a reader-written column, where readers are encouraged to write about things that annoy them.

A few years ago, there was a 750 word limit (maybe it started at 700), and then it went through a period where it seemed to have lost another 50 words every time I looked. It’s now at 450.

This means that there’s not really enough room for someone to say anything other than: “This thing that other people do really pisses me off”, but then, I guess that’s the point of the column.

Sometimes, they can be really funny. Sometimes they just fall flat.

At other times, they expose the writer’s biases beautifully. Like today.


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I don’t really have anything to add to this article about ACMA’s announcement that it will start going after (and fining) people who link to pages on its blacklist.

It has already been revealed that it’s not terribly difficult to get a page on the blacklist.

What I wonder is: what if you link to a page on the blacklist and didn’t know it was there?

What if you linked to a page before it was blacklisted?

Are we meant to go through the list and all our blog posts (and other pages) every day to make sure we are in compliance?

Apart from the freedom of speech and censorship issues – the implications of which are pretty horrific in themselves – an expectation like that would be enormously onerous and, in itself, oppressive of speech.

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with this government.

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So, it turns out that not absolutely every high-up member of the Catholic Church is a cruel child-killing excommunicating bastard.

Just most of them.

A Vatican-based prelate has condemned the rapid proclamation of the excommunication of the doctors who performed the abortion for the nine-year-old Brazilian girl who was found to be pregnant with twins, having been sexually abused by her stepfather.

It’s not clear whether he thinks that, ultimately, the doctors (and the mother? she seems to be absent from this article, which is an issue in itself) should have been excommunicated eventually – his criticism seems to be more about the quick announcement of it.

I haven’t written about this terrible situation before, because it’s been widely written about in other places (such as here, here and here, just to point to a few).


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Man advertises wife.

Misogynistic, stereoptyical statements? Check! Here’s what the ad said:

Nagging Wife. No Tax, No MOT. Very high maintenance – some rust.

Treating wife like a possession? Check! He advertised her “along with some of his fishing tackle”.

[For a bonus point: people actually responded! Cannot believe. Cannot fucking believe. Head exploding now.]


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Quelle surprise.

Whatever happened to the “not alarmed” part of the catchphrase?

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Ok, so we all have our own biases. I can deal with that idea.

And the Federal Government’s consultation on the possibility of a federal charter of rights was hardly starting with a blank page, given that the Federal Government took a constitutional bill of rights off the table right from the begining.

And ok, Frank Brennan, self-described fence-sitter, has done Good Things in his life.

Um, that doesn’t mean he’s always right.


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Lisa Kansas, who is definitely one of my current favourite bloggers, gets it spot right on with her post about how society condemns women for every single choice they might want to make about whether or not to have kids.

I read it yesterday, kept it unread in my feed-reader so I could read it again today, and then took a look at the comments today. Kind of fun. It’s not a long comment thread, but there are, inevitably, a couple of people there who do the “I’m going to say I agree but I’m going to completely miss the point!” thing. Including one commenter who said (in effect) “there’s always going to be at least one person who’s happy with the choice a woman makes, why are you so upset that you can’t please everyone all of the time?”

Anyway, the post is well worth a look, for Lisa’s great writing and for the absolutely nail-hammer-bang (to quote another commenter) nature of her work.

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