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ETA: I highly recommend Hexy’s post about this. It is much more comprehensive than mine, much more passionate, and you’ll learn a lot more about the relevant issues. It’s a long post, but well worth the time.

Robbo’s post alerted me to Andrew Bolt’s latest ignorant tirade about how Indigenous people aren’t doing what he thinks they should do.

Robbo also linked to Chris Graham’s excellent rebuttal over at Crikey.

Bolt’s argument is, essentially: “Oh, look, there are all these people who look white but who claim to be Indigenous Australians. I think they’re only making that claim to get all the handouts and awards and kudos that are available to Indigenous Australians and not to other Australians. I think they’re really white!”

Or, as Chris Graham put it:

For the record, here’s what Bolt and his followers are actually arguing: white people are pretending to be black so they can access benefits. But they’re not really black. They’re white. And that’s why black people are bad.

Chris Graham makes the main point, that identity is – and should be – self-defined (and that it runs deeper than skin colour). That’s really the crux of the whole issue, and if more people were a bit more tolerant, it wouldn’t be necessary to say anything more than that – it would be enough.

Of course, we live in the real world, so there is more to add.


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