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A commercial radio station in Sydney (which I won’t name) has had a series of ads for a new breakfast crew (who I also won’t name, but two of them started on JJJ and I never liked them there, either).

I have seen three of these ads, but the conceit for each of them is the same: the ad shows three things in succession and names them, then puts them together and describes the new scene, then says: “Some combinations are just funny” and gives the names of the breakfast presenters and the radio station.

Maybe I’m just a feminist with no sense of humour, but I find none of the combinations funny. One of them is downright offensive, another is sexist, and the third simply has no humour.

The combinations are:


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Apart from the fact that today’s Heckler (in the SMH) is an excellent, hilarious piece of writing, it did make me think: how gendered is the interaction the author describes? How different would that interaction have been had she been male?

But mostly, I just love the phrase “occasional table”.

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Thanks, SMH, for making me smile at the end of my working day. This quote:

at least four buses still on the road have made the equivalent of two return journeys to the moon

It reminds me of the Ms Frizzle and the Magic School Bus and gives me the most fabulous mental image of an old blue & white Sydney bus suddenly lifting off and heading moon-wards.

(And what a great role model Ms Frizzle was!)

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Feminists do so have a sense of humour! When the jokes are funny, that is.

Some women on an online discussion group I’m part of were sharing some jokes today. The group has a slight feminist bent, as it is for women who travel independently. The heading of the topic was “A feminist joke”, and the joke posted by the topic author was this one:

This is about the holidays which just passed in the Catholic world.
One women spoke with another and said: A virgin birth I can believe, but finding three wise men?

Maybe I really am a humourless feminist, but after the first momentary giggle, I find that grating, rather than funny. And yet, the following four jokes, posted by someone else, I find hilarious:


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xkcd is usually pretty good with the whole feminism thing. So this really disappointed me:

'I'm cool with her past lesbian experimentation, but I wish she hadn't insisted the experiments be scientifically rigorous.


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