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This post covers couple of thoughts about a yoga class I just attended. The two thoughts are really only related because they relate to the same person, so please bear with me.

I love yoga, but I’m not really into the WHOLE philosophy (I turn off when I hear “chakra”). I love it because of the way you use your whole body, its strength and flexibility – same reason I love kickboxing, dancing and swimming. I also love the idea that you do what you can do as well as you can. Doesn’t matter if it’s not “perfect”.

I’m at a new gym, and I’m still finding out which yoga instructors I enjoy. Today’s instructor had an attitude to the actual yoga that I could appreciate. However, there are two reasons I think I’ll be avoiding him.

First: inappropriate touching. (more…)

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Australia seems pretty excited that we have, in Casey Dellacqua, a female tennis player who looks set to make the big league. First in quite a while. A nice sort of splash article about her upset second-round win in the Australian Open talks about her attitude to money, and how this will mean she doesn’t have to count pennies quite so much. Fair enough. Great to see this sort of focus on women’s sport.

But then at the end:

Her victory in a tough three-setter was a reward for hard work. She was pilloried for being overweight and out of shape after her first-round defeat at the Australian Open two years ago, and has worked to shed some kilograms and steadily improve her fitness, something that was evident as she clawed back from 0-3 down in the second set.

“I’ve never denied that, and that’s something I always knew that I needed to work on,” she said of her previous condition.

“Because people have always said, ‘Look, you hit the ball well and you strike the ball really well’. It’s something I’ve needed to do, and I’ve taken it all on board.”

Because what really matters is that she’s thin and hawt.


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