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Welcome to the 18th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival! (And apologies for the delay.)

This Carnival has an optional caring theme, thanks to Australian Carers’ Week (which was October 18 to October 24). The theme for this year was “Anyone, Anytime, Across Australia”, which I modified to “Anyone, Anytime” for the purposes of the DUFC.

There wasn’t much sent in on theme, so I’ve expanded the DUFC rules just a little.


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It’s Carers Week this week – it started yesterday – and as I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m hosting the Carers’ Week-themed DUFC early next month.

I’m not going to have the time to do a blog post on caring every day this week, but I thought it was important to write a post about why caring is a feminist issue.

Although I think it’s pretty obvious: although the Carers’ Week theme this year is “Anyone Anytime Across Australia”, and it is absolutely true that anyone, anywhere might be a carer at any time in their lives, a significant majority of primary carers in Australia – 71% – are women.


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