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Want free books? Check out Shellyrae’s post at Book’d Out explaining the 2015 Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop and offering up two books herself.

Non-Australian residents are eligible for many of the giveaways.

Entries close midnight Tuesday 27 February AEST – better get hopping!

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I’ve put up a couple of posts on Hoyden About Town recently, which I have not cross-posted here.

If you’re interested they are:

Quickhit: Malaria vaccine now a reality – the post title says it all.

Mortgagees vs tenants – about NAB’s attempt in Melbourne to have a tenant evicted immediately, rather than on 28 days’ notice, after the bank, as mortgagee, took possession of the property following default under the mortgage by the landlord/mortgagor (NB: the bank withdrew its application, probably because of the public outcry).

Rarely used laws? Depends who you ask – about the fact that charges for public order offences are only rarely used from the point of view of privileged groups; their overuse is a real problem for marginalised groups, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Hmm, that’s right – I have a blog!

Apologies to anyone who is still watching. Life is rather busy in the meatworld, and I simply don’t have enough thought-space/think-energy/patience/time/inspiration to write blog posts.

Stay tuned …

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The Nineteenth Down Under Feminists’ Carnival is now up over at The Professional Lap Cat.

Some good reading. Thanks, mynxii!

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Nominations are open for the 2009 Weblog Awards. They close 20 November 2009. A direct link to the nominations page is here.

I haven’t thought too much about the categories in the Weblog Awards before – I’ve always become aware of them after nominations have closed, so I’ve really only thought about the voting stage.

But something occurred to me as I looked through the categories and considered some nominations. Why is there no “Best Feminist Blog” category?

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Welcome to the 18th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival! (And apologies for the delay.)

This Carnival has an optional caring theme, thanks to Australian Carers’ Week (which was October 18 to October 24). The theme for this year was “Anyone, Anytime, Across Australia”, which I modified to “Anyone, Anytime” for the purposes of the DUFC.

There wasn’t much sent in on theme, so I’ve expanded the DUFC rules just a little.


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Just a reminder that I’m hosting the 18th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival here in early November. (It’s meant to be up by 5 November, but due to work commitments, it may be a few days late. My apologies in advance.)

Importantly: there is a theme! (Thus the early reminder.)

It’s Carers’ Week in Australia from October 18 to October 24. The theme this year is “Anyone, Anytime” (actually, it includes the words “across Australia”, but since the DUFC is not just Australia, I’m sticking with “Anyone, Anytime”). More information about the theme is at the link provided.

I am quite happy to accept submissions which do not fit within the theme, of course, but please consider writing at least one post that does. Also, when you submit a post, please let me know if you think there’s a link to the theme (and if so, what it is).

Submissions here by 2 November – or emailed to me at my gmail address, with the handle tamar [dot] jo .

Look forward to seeing you back here in early November.

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