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Hair, more or less

Chally’s recent post about her adventures with hair-cutting sounded eerily familiar in a couple of important respects.

I also have curly hair, although for me it is not a racial identifier. As such, my curls have always brought quite a different reaction to those described by Chally.

The reactions from one group have been much the same, though: that group being hairdressers.

My experiences with that group have been similar to Chally’s, although with some differences. The main one is probably this: my hair self-straightens when wet (although it curls as it dries, unless given straightening assistance, which I do not do by choice because I do not feel like myself when my hair is straight), and as hairdressers normally cut hair when wet, I never had that much of a problem with at least being given a reasonable basic cut.

The problem was that the reasonable basic cut would always work for straight hair, but it never worked for my curls.

The hairdressers always seemed surprised that I liked my curly hair (perhaps because they found it difficult to cut for curls), and would always dry it straight after the cut, except when I was very, very insistent.

I found a lot I went to once, a few who were ok, but I was always on the look-out for a better haircut, and so I salon-hopped quite a lot.

This pattern continued until I found an Irish hairdresser. Let’s call him Geoff. Geoff cut my hair superbly. (more…)

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