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So, it turns out that not absolutely every high-up member of the Catholic Church is a cruel child-killing excommunicating bastard.

Just most of them.

A Vatican-based prelate has condemned the rapid proclamation of the excommunication of the doctors who performed the abortion for the nine-year-old Brazilian girl who was found to be pregnant with twins, having been sexually abused by her stepfather.

It’s not clear whether he thinks that, ultimately, the doctors (and the mother? she seems to be absent from this article, which is an issue in itself) should have been excommunicated eventually – his criticism seems to be more about the quick announcement of it.

I haven’t written about this terrible situation before, because it’s been widely written about in other places (such as here, here and here, just to point to a few).


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First, an apology to anyone who actually ever reads this blog. As sort of mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve been undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis recently. Haven’t had much mental space – or online time – for blogging.

However, I get the feeling that this is about to change, as I read about the story which is central to this post (yes, I’ll get there) and my first thought was: “I have to blog about that!” So I logged on, only to find that Christina has awarded me, and I will deal with my obligations thereunder soon. I also have another post in my head which is a follow-up to this post on slavery and debt bondage in Australia. The High Court has handed down its decision and I do want to write about it. Coming soon. Like, sometime in the next year, at this rate…

Anyway, what I really want to write about is the French Court of Appeal’s overturning of a decision to annul a marriage. Some newspaper articles here and here.


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