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A tale of two legal systems.

In each legal system, there is a woman has been sexually assaulted.

Each woman is subjected to some sort of abuse by the person who is supposed to be prosecuting the sexual assault.

The similarities end there.


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Demonisation (from answers.com – the OED definition was too literal): “to represent as diabolically evil”.

Lauredhel has written this morning about some of the public discussion about the Churchill arsonist – specifically, about the way everyone is attributing his arsonist behaviour to the fact he was once jilted by a woman.

I agree with her on that, but I don’t think that all the public discourse is about trying to find someone else to blame (and I don’t think Lauredhel is saying that it is).


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… to numerical equality and happiness, uh-huh uh-huh…

Ok, that doesn’t quite scan.

But that’s fitting, since numerical equality isn’t everything.

Still. three out of seven isn’t too bad.

[Sorry for the .pdf link – also, for some reason, I couldn’t find a direct link to any media release from a government source. But I have no reason to doubt the verity of this. It has been very quick, but Kirby’s slightly early retirement was somewhat expected, and anyway, he’d have to retire in March in any case.]

Three out of seven. It’s almost half!

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