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John Sutton, secretary of the CFMEU, has an opinion article in today’s SMH, taking the government to task for its immigration policy.

Sutton spends most of the piece essentially blaming underemployment on what he seems to consider to be the government’s far-too-lenient approach to letting employers employ people from overseas.

But honestly, I would have thought this – Sutton’s second-last paragraph – was the real problem, if it’s widespread:

Among the cocktail of abuses discovered were sham subcontracting, no workers’ compensation insurance coverage, no award conditions, no superannuation and rates of pay barely half what they were entitled to.

If this is the real problem, then cracking down on unscrupulous employers who do these things to immigrant workers may result in employers not really caring whether they employ immigrants or locals.

So in other words, perhaps it’s less about the government policy that Sutton is writing about, and more about the actions of the employers which are illegal and in total contravention of that policy.

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